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Cloud Data Backup Service

$2,000.00 / year

LoPoCo's off-site data backup service is intended to give you peace of mind with off-site data backup of your database data, documents including web site content, SCM data and unstructured data. Backups are performed 5 nights a week at your selected time utilizing your internet connection. As much as possible, only deltas[1] are sent across the internet, minimizing your internet connection usage.

1The first backup will send the entire dataset. The time required will depend on the speed of your internet connection, the size of your dataset, and other factors.

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Product Description

LoPoCo's ultra-reliable, secure and encrypted off-site data backup service is perfect for all your off-site backup requirements. Secure off-site backups are fully automated after initial setup, and performed 5 nights a week.

  • Automated off-site cloud backup
  • Backups stored on secure, off site server, available 24/7
  • Backups performed 5 nights a week
  • Backups performed over a secure and encrypted internet connection
  • Daily backups kept for one week
  • Weekly backups kept for one month
  • Monthly backups kept for one year
  • Yearly backups kept for one year1
  • Automatic notification after two failed backup attempts
  • 1TB storage soft limit2
  • Automated cloud backup software installs and runs on server
  • Restore service available via LoPoCo Software Maintenance Service
  • Backups can be part of a DR plan

Combine this with our quarterly software maintenance service for all off-site backup of all your valuable data, and also keep your software up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes. Backups and software maintenance together also include restore services should the client desire some data from their backup.

[1]Yearly backup date is customer specified
[2]Higher limits available. Automatic notification when nearing limit.


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