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LPA-TMBackup Time Machine Backup Appliance

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Finally a way to keep all the precious data on your company's MacOS X Apple desktops and laptops safe and secure, backed up to this ultra-efficient Time Machine backup appliance. Select the amount of backup storage that you need, configure your MacOS X computers to use the TimeMachine application to automatically back up to the appliance, and feel secure that all your precious data is safely and reliably protected from loss.

The Lopoco Time Machine Backup appliance runs almost silently and requires no extra cooling, so it can be deployed in an office environment, right in the IT cubicle, if so desired! It utilizes the ultra-secure RAID-6 algorithm to secure your valuable and irreplaceable data. Select from the 4TB, 10TB or 16TB models, and you're all set! These appliances idle at approximately 20 watts, and rarely use more than 30 watts even when very busy. Perfect for up to 50 users and clients (desktops and laptops). You'll never worry about losing your data again.

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Product Description

Height: 1U
Hot swap disks: 4GB and 8GB – 6; 16GB – 10
Number of simultaneously running backups: 16
Number of client computers: depends on storage requirements of each client

The amount of backup storage space available can be individually configured for each user. General rule of thumb is 1.5GB – 2GB for every 1GB of used disk space on the client computer.

TimeMachine is a backup application that runs on your Apple computer and automatically backs up your data once an hour when in the presence of the backup appliance. It keeps daily backups for one week, weekly backups for one month, and monthly backups for as long as there is space available. Restoring from backup is as easy as running Time Machine on your Apple computer and choosing the files you wish to restore. Full restores are possible in the event of a hard drive failure on your Apple computer.

Contact us if you are interested in a Time Machine Backup appliance with an available storage size not currently listed.

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Additional Information

Raid6 Storage

4GB, 8GB, 16GB


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