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Lopoco Ultra Efficient LP-4250 Server Named “Most Efficient to Date”

LP-4250-6HWell, we’re pretty proud to reveal that the LP-4250 Family of ultra efficient servers has just garnered the “Most Efficient Certified to Date” accolade according to Power Assure’s PAR4 Energy Efficiency Rating.

Power Assure, Inc.

Lopoco’s ultra-efficient server model LP-4250 achieved … the highest result of all servers to date. Scoring an Absolute PAR4 energy efficiency value of 2,108 and a Vintage PAR4 value of 1,508, the LP-4250 server, utilizing an Intel Xeon E3 2.5GHz processor, earned the highest “Green” PAR4 Energy Efficiency Rating.

You can check out the full text of the press release from Power Assure, Inc., here, which also contains contact info for Power Assure if you want to know more.

Needless to say, we’re delighted to receive this distinction, and it’s no small accomplishment. The PAR energy efficiency standard has been adopted by both Underwriters Laboratories and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The patented PAR4 standard allows hardware vendors to publish accurate, independent energy efficiency figures for their servers, allowing data center managers and IT professionals to select the most energy efficient machines for their application. In addition to energy efficiency, the PAR4 certification process accurately determines power consumption at idle and full load, as well as other characteristics, such as boot time, peak power-on current and power factor. This information is invaluable to data center managers who otherwise have to rely on the manufacturer’s power supply rating information which indicates the specification limits, not what the machine will actually consume.

This kind of standard has been missing from the industry for too long, and it’s one that we heartily endorse, because it makes crystal clear the power consumption advantages of our products, not to mention it helps the industry.

If you would like to contact us and inquire about the LP-4250 server family, or request a demo kit containing one of our servers and two power meters, one for the Lopoco server and one for your existing server, go here Contact us.