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About Lopoco

Lopoco designs and manufactures ultra-efficient©, green-tech servers that provide substantial energy and cost savings without sacrificing performance. They are built on proven, shipping technology without costly custom chips or strange form factors.

Proven Technology
We have engineered low power servers which use 50% less energy and 50% less space than conventional servers. Many data centers today are already at maximum HVAC or power capacity, and will have to relocate or upgrade — incurring astronomical cost. Lopoco servers are a perfect solution to alleviate that pain.

Irresistible Value Proposition
When HVAC cost savings, higher availability and better opportunity costs are factored in, lopoco servers are an irresistible value proposition. If you’re interested in learning about how much energy your always-on servers are using, and costing, then contact us today!

Cloud Experts
Every day, more functionality is being migrated to the cloud. Everyone from large cloud data centers to SMBs are wilting under the energy costs of power-hungry servers, which typically spend as much as 90% of their life at idle.

The Lopoco Team

Andrew Sharp
Andrew Sharp
Mr. Sharp has been in the server business in Silicon Valley since he joined Convergent Technologies in the mid-1980s, and has worked at Sun, HP, Dell and SGI, to name a few.
Peter Theunis
Peter Theunis
Mr. Theunis is also a lopoco founder, and has more than 10 years of experience in systems architecture and large scale data center engineering in Silicon Valley startups as well as with Yahoo!
Jack Mills
Jack Mills
VP Engineering (Advisor)
A former director of Advanced Processor Research at Intel, Mr. Mills was also an architect of the Pentium processor as well as an alumnus of Convergent Technologies.

Mark Brine
CFO (Advisor)
Mr. Brine is a veteran of Silicon Valley startups, starting out at VLSI, and currently Director of Finance at Cloudera.