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Announcing 12-V DC Capability

Announcing 12-V DC capability for all Lopoco servers and datacenter appliances.

We are pleased to announce that, today, all our server and appliance products can be ordered with 12-V DC input as an option to standard 110 – 220 V AC input.

Many datacenters are switching to, or built from the start, using DC power as one way to increase efficiency. Lopoco servers and datacenter appliances are all about low power consumption and ultra efficiency, so it’s only natural that they would be DC capable. And it’s not just a conversion kit added to the product. Lopoco ultra efficient servers are designed from the beginning to be DC capable, and at no additional charge, a great benefit for the customer.

In addition to DC powered datacenters, Lopoco servers can be run from any 12V DC power source, save for automotive applications. Combined with their low overall power consumption, this means that Lopoco servers are ideal for remote locations that might be powered from mixed sources such as solar, battery, UPS or generator.

To order products with the DC option, simply add a note to that effect to your order during checkout. You will receive a confirmation email of the addition of that option.

Contact us to ask about scheduling a demo unit of one of our servers.